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5 000 000 $/штука
на Флагма с 4 октября 2021
Патрашков Радион Леонидович
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Ladies and Gentlemen . We propose to consider the purchase of high-tech ekranoplans of the marine class.
These products are unique, unparalleled in the world, at the same time meet all modern requirements for machines of this class. Ekranoplan is equipped with two electric motors with power 180 KW and a thrust of 240 – 500 kg each, the power supply is an electrodynamic generatormaximum power of 400 kW, which allows the machine to move at maximum speed 165- 450 km/h. Additional equipment allowing movement at night is installed at the request of the customer. It is also possible to equip the ekranoplan with a mini copter with a night vision camera, which allows you to safely assess traffic in areas of increased traffic density. Specifications:
Individual, marine class - Sea Flayer 100/150
- length 11.7 meters;
- width 11.7 meters;
- height 3.65 meters;
- draught 0.3 meters;motors 2-180 kw - maximum speed 165/230 km/h;
- passenger capacity 9 persons;
- load capacity 900 / 1100 kg . Flight range up to 6000 kilometers. Mainline marine class - Raider ocean 500
- length 34.7 meters;
- width 25.4 meters;
- draught 1.1 meters;
- Displacement full 54 tons;
- maximum speed 450 km / h;
- passenger capacity maximum 100 people;
- motors 2 х 250 kW;Payload capacity 9 tons, flight position up to 6000 kilometers. Final assembly, fine-tuning to the real conditions of the customer, sea trials, acceptance by the customer, will be carried out at our production base in the Republic of Vietnam. We hope for understanding.
To meet the needs of the customer - 50 cars of different classes, a separate isolated slipway will be allocated. Special permission for sea trials is available. To receive ready-made airplanes in November - December 2022, it is recommended to sign a contract until February 15, 2022. The cost of one ekranoplan Sea Flayer 100/150 ( 5 Millions of dollars) Raider ocean 500 (12 Millions of dollars ). MIV SLUZBY S. R. O.

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на Флагма с 4 октября 2021
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Патрашков Радион Леонидович
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Патрашков Радион Леонидович
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