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Сельское хозяйство, компании в Эрмело

Tiffany anderson group pty ltd, LLC
0.0 8 мая 2020

Food Ingredients / Feed Additives / R & D Products More than 500 conventional food additives and raw materials Independently developed new additive products for the food industry Learn More

Fargo Livestock Farms, PLC
0.2 2 июн 2020

Welcome To . We are South African livestock, poultry and Animal feed Farmers. We consider Health first and as such all animals have been fully vet examined against any animal disease. Whether you need top quality breeding stock to improve your future herd or commercial females to improve...

All Livestock Trade, LLC
0.0 6 сен 2020

All Livestock Trade is your number one supplier of livestock and livestock feed We are suppliers of health and vaccinated live sheep, goats, beef and milking cattle, Ostrich Chicks and fertile Ostrich eggs, Chickens and chicken eggs. All our animals are health examined and free from the foot and...

First Choice Farmers, LLC
0.0 1 июл 2020

Supplier of livestock including Cattle, Sheep, goats, ostrich chicks, fertile ostrich eggs, chickens, fresh chicken eggs, Alfalfa hay, Ox gallstone. Large white pigs and piglets

0.0 10 сен 2020

Boer goats and Saanen goats we supply grade (a) boer goats and saanen goats for milking & meat purposes. our goats are 100% full blooded, heath certified, well fed and produces great quantity and quality milk. we make sure they are delivered on time and at buyer's request and we also offer...

Nkos Agro Farms, PLC
0.0 31 мар 2019

Nkosi Agro Farms Pty Ltd, primary goal is to supply the highest quality animals at the most competitive price. Through our rigid selection process, health testing, final inspection and follow up service we aim to provide superior service both before and after shipment to guarantee a satisfied...

Old Town Farms, PC
0.0 16 фев 2020

Welcome to Old Town Farms Pty Ltd Rearing Official Website To Order For Livestock and Ox Gallstone With over years' of experience in Cattle ranging dynamic dairy sector, Old Town Farms (Pty) Ltd herself on providing a thorough, reliable and friendly service to the country's dairy farmers. Old...

0.0 17 мар 2019

We sell cow ox gallstone, poppy seed, scraps and fertilizers

Rhebok New Farms, PLC
0.0 16 сен 2019

We are a South African base company. With over years’ of experience in livestock ranging dynamic dairy, beef and poultry sectors, Rhebok New Farms (RNF) Ltd is committed on providing a thorough, reliable and friendly service to the country’s beef, dairy and poultry farmers.

South Ural Factory Magnesium Compounds, Partnership
0.0 13 янв 2020

Over the past year, the South Ural Plant of Magnesium Compounds has become the leader in the production of magnesium sulfate seven-water in the Russian market. At the moment, more than one and a half thousand tons per month of magnesium sulfate seven-water is produced, which is used in...

0.0 10 июн 2019

We are a famous supplier of condiments and seasoning products in our country. Combining research, development, production, distribution and service department together, we form a team which has professional experts and managers, and make our products specific and fresh. Moreover, we have...

-1.0 15 апр

We are livestock supplies located in Aberdeen, Eastern Cape, we supply healthy and vaccinated animals too our customers.

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