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Curd product
Price on request
Our company sells the curd product. Fat content 10%, packing 10 kg (cardboard box). Wholesale supply.
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19 Feb 2019
Фрима - photo 1
Фрима - photo 2
Фрима - photo 3
Price on request
Заменитель молочного продукта Фрима: Состав: Кукурузная патока, Растительный жир, Молочная сыворотка Применение: "Фрима" используется как добавка в кофе, чай, молочные коктейли, придавая насыщенный вкус и богатый аромат, а также для приготовления молочных каш и супов. На сегодняшний день заменитель
13 Feb 2019
In South Africa
Milk Shake Mix Premialle
$0.50/tetra pack FCA  
wholesale $0.42-0.50/tetra pack
Unique product that has very simple way to prepare: 1. Open a package with the milk mixture; 2. Mix up the cocktail for about 2 minutes; 3. And enjoy sweet pleasant creamy vanilla flavor. Important notes: Storage in refrigerator at t 0…+ 4 C degrees! Before cooking the mixture must be cool! Do not
18 Jun 2018
Fully Filled Milk Powder
Wholesale price
$1,650-2,700/t CFR
Fully Filled Milk Powder 26/14, Full Cream Milk Powder 26 %, Skimmed Milk Poowder 1.25 %. Packagink in 25 kg paper bags, shelf life 1 year. Origin:of Poland.
4 Sep 2018
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