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Old Town Farms, PC

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Fred Kustav Oldtownfarmsmanager
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Road no m1 cheerio valley magoebaskloof
Road no m1 cheerio valley magoebaskloof
Register: 16 February 2020
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Welcome to Old Town Farms Pty Ltd Rearing Official Website To Order For Livestock and Ox Gallstone
With over years' of experience in Cattle ranging dynamic dairy sector, Old Town Farms (Pty) Ltd herself on providing a thorough, reliable and friendly service to the country's dairy farmers.
Old Town Farms (Pty) Ltd has been involved in the sale of Ayrshire, Brown Swiss, Guernsey, Holstein-Friesian, Jersey and Milking Shorthorn cattle breeds through private and auction sales.
Cattle of all breeds – both dairy and beef – as well as Ostrich, Pigs, sheep and goats have been supplied for export to worldwide markets. Our team is experienced in the sale and purchase of livestock on behalf of clients across the world.

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Yellow maize For Animal Feed for sale
R 3,000
Old Town Farms, PC, ZA
We have good quality yellow maize for animal feed we deliver contact us you can call anytime Whatsapp for easy communication Website:
Hybrid chickens for sale
R 60/pc
Old Town Farms, PC, ZA
Here are many different hybrid breeds for sale and one of the most common is known as the Golden Comet. Hybrids have been bred to lay huge amounts...
Rhode Island Red chickens for sale
R 60/pc
Old Town Farms, PC, ZA
Rhode Island Red’s originated from America and are known as a ‘dual purpose’ chickens. This means they can be raised for either eggs or meat. They...
Plymouth Layers Rock chickens for sale
R 60/pc
Old Town Farms, PC, ZA
The Plymouth Rock is an American breed of domestic chicken. It was first seen in Massachusetts in the nineteenth century, and for much of the...
Marans chicken for sale
R 60/pc
Old Town Farms, PC, ZA
Marans are another dual purpose hen and are renowned for their vibrant dark brown eggs and exception meal quality. Eggs: A Maran will lay around...
Ostrich for sale
R 400/pc
Old Town Farms, PC, ZA
The ostrich or common ostrich is either one or two species of large flightless birds native to Africa, the only living member of the genus...
All company ads: 38
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